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Readers Respond: What gear makes you go?

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From the article: Getting Ready to Snowboard
Snowboarders love gear. We love our snowboards, we love our boots, we love our bindings, and we love all the little accessories that go together to make a full snowboard setup. Let others know what you're riding these days, and what it is that you like best about your gear!

good gear is the only way to roll

Butt pads from allsportprotection.com I bought the 661 pads and the are sick

LibTech All the Way!

I'm all about my LibTech magnetraction snowboard. The thing cuts into the ice like a hot knife through butter, which is important if you're from the east coast like I am. For bindings, I'm partial to RIDE, but I have had a few sets of Burton Customs that I liked as well. For boots, it's whatever fits best for the right price...right now, I'm riding a pair of K2s.
—Guest Johnson

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