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Readers Respond: Best Snowboard Cross-Training Activities

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The snowboard season only makes up about half the year for most people, but that doesn't mean that snowboarders sit around twiddling their thumbs during the off season. From skateboarding and surfing to mountain biking and hiking, most snowboarders spend as much time outdoors during the summer as they do in the winter. What's your favorite snowboard cross-training activity? Golf, cycling, skating, hiking, fishing, you name it - let everyone know what you do when you're not snowboarding, and why you like doing it so much!

Longboard, run

In the off season(and even some times during winter when sunny ol' Cali doesnt give any good snow I longboard. If your goons drive to the local supermarket longboard there, learn to push with both feet to build thigh strength. Learn to slide it helps with core strength and being comfortable down low. Get used to a low COG. Bomb hills. Run 3+ miles every few days, hot baths feel great after a work out.
—Guest James


I skateboard a lot. I have a Ripstik and a regular skateboard. Ripstiks carve like snowboards. My friends say that I am obsessed with snowboarding. I do 180s, 360s, 540s, 720s, and 900s. I ave been snowboarding/skateboarding for two months now. I am 12. I hope to use my Christmas money for an Indo balance board. I hear they are very good for snowboarders.
—Guest Snowboard Girl #1


During the offseason, I skateboard, bomb hills on my longboard, and I surf. I don't know when Im not on a board:)
—Guest Tony


In the warmer months I spend my time longboarding. Bomb hills, carve turns, run garages.
—Guest GS


My late springs, summers and early falls are devoted to skydiving! :)

Burger and Fries

Besides getting the grill out and mowing down pounds of burger and fried potatoes, I like to spend as much time behind a boat as I can. Mostly Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. The balance board keeps me occupied, and I also like to get out mountain biking when I can. Being outdoors with friends and family is why I was put on this Earth!
—Guest Jonathan Tollefson

what do I do?

We ride crappy east coast hills for snowboarding, so we ride crappy east coast waves during the summer. Hurricane season in the late summer/fall does get good for 2 months.
—Guest saltwater_rider

Does Recovery Count?

I get really lazy in the off-season! My first act is always a punishing sports massage to work out all the knots and bumps from my muscles after a season of abusing my body on the slopes. Then I spend as many days as I can laying around the pool or hitting up the beach. It's not until August or so that I start "cross-training" with hiking and cross-country running making up the majority of my workout.
—Guest Zoe


I have found that eating copious amounts of bacon keeps me fit for the Fall. Granted, I have a very fast metabolism, but the heaps of fried piggy give me the energy for my other summer activities. Besides 12 oz curls, I enjoy running, riding my bike around Denver, camping, white-water rafting, and brewing beer.
—Guest PJ

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