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Snowboarding: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Complete Guide to Figuring Out Your...
Dialing in your snowboard stance is one of the most important things you can do to set up. Stance width, angles, and being centered on the board all combine to help you and your equipment perform at the highest level possible.
How to Store Your Snowboard
When storing your snowboard during the off-season, a few simple steps will ensure your equipment stays in good shape and is ready to go when the snow falls again!
Getting Ready to Snowboard
A brief description of the essential items you'll need before you learn to snowboard.
How to Choose the Right Snowboard
Buying a new snowboard is fun and exciting, but when faced with several hundred bright, shiny snowboards in the shop, choosing the right board for you can seem almost impossible.
Top 10 Men's Freestyle Snowboards
The top ten men's freestyle snowboards.
How to Snowboard
How to snowboard, with tips and advice on snowboard lessons, snowboard equipment, snowboard resorts, travel and more!
Snowboarding Existed Before 1990? Well, Sort Of
A timeline of the history of snowboarding up to 1990
NO Snowboards Allowed!
U.S. Resorts That Ban Snowboarding. Page 2.
What to Wear Snowboarding
The right clothing to wear for a day of snowboarding.
3 Types of Snowboard Bindings
Snowboard bindings are the only connection you have between yourself and your snowboard, so it's important your bindings are right for you.
How to Wax a Snowboard
Learning how to wax your snowboard is a great way to save money on maintenance throughout the season and ensure your equipment is always performing at the highest level possible.
The definition of jib...both the verb and the noun!
How to Prepare for Snowboard Cross
Everything that you need to know about preparing for snowboard cross both on and off the hill.
Before You Buy a Snowboard
Things to consider before buying a snowboard.
How to Turn on a Snowboard
A detailed tutorial about how to turn frontside and backside on a snowboard.
Before You Buy Snowboard Boots
Before you buy snowboard boots, read this article for some helpful tips and information on choosing this important piece of gear or equipment.
History of Snowboarding Timeline Part 2: 1991 -...
A timeline of the history of snowboarding up to 1990
How to Ride a Snowboard Fakie (Switch)
Riding fakie (switch) is really easy. You just need a few pointers to get started.
Jake Burton
Jake Burton is the founder and owner of Burton Snowboards. He is credited with being one of the men who invented the sport of snowboarding.
How to Pack for a Snowboard Vacation (Flying)
With airlines charging fees for everything these days, packing efficiently for a snowboard vacation is more important than ever.
What is P-Tex?
P-Tex is a wonderful material that allows modern skis and snowboards to absorb wax and glide efficiently in a variety of different snow conditions.
How to Butter on a Snowboard
Step-by-step instructions on how to 'butter' on a snowboard.
How to Carve on a Snowboard
Carving on a snowboard is not as easy as it may seem. This tutorial takes you through it step-by-step,
Oakley Gascan Small Review
The Oakley Gascan Small is one in a long line of stylish sunglasses from Oakley.
Snowboard Disciplines
Determine what type of snowboarder you are. Different disciplines include freestyle, all-mountain, racing, big-mountain/backcountry, or just cruising.
Shaun White: Pro Snowboarder Profile
Shaun White is a pro snowboarder, the owner of 8 Winter X-Games Gold medals, an Olympic Gold medal, and is also a pro skateboarder, competing in the Summer X-Games and The Mountain Dew AST Tour.
How to Set Up Your Bindings for Carving
For maximum carving performance and comfort your bindings need to be set up specifically for carving.
Before Shaun White's Double There was the...
The McTwist is a trick performed on a snowboard or a skateboard that involves a front flip as well as a backside 540, often as the rider performs a mute grab.
Goofy Foot
The definition of a goofy foot rider on a snowboard.
Where to Buy a New Snowboard
Buying a new snowboard is a big investment, so make sure you where to buy your new snowboard. Not all shops are created equal, whether brick and mortar or online.
Snowboarding's Easy on the Knees
Snowboarders are less likely to suffer knee injuries than skiers. Snowboarding is a better sport for people with a history of knee injuries.
How to Set Up Snowboard Bindings to Ride in the...
To achieve maximum results, you have to have your bindings set up just right before hitting the park.
The X-Games
ESPN's annual X-Games are arguably the biggest and most prestigious alternative sports competition events on the planet.
Get NEW Snowboard Gear for Cheap by Buying at...
Buying snowboard equipment at the end of the season is almost always cheaper than buying at the beginning of the season. Brand new boards, boots, and bindings are often available for a great price as shops and retailers wind down their winter seasons.
Snowboarding Equipment & Gear - All About...
According to popular lore, 92% of human feet can benefit from some type of correction, which is where Orthotics or custom foot beds come into play.
How to Ride a T-Bar
Detailed instructions about how to load, ride, and unload from a t-bar on a snowboard without falling.
How to Take a Jump on a Snowboard
How to catch air and land solidly on a snowboard.
Travis Rice: Pro Snowboarder Profile
Travis Rice is a professional snowboarder with several Winter X-Games medals to his name; Rice is considered by many to be one of the best all-around snowboarders in the world.
Spring Snowboarding
Spring presents some of the best snow and weather conditions for snowboarding, so be sure to take advantage of warmer weather and longer days before the snow melts away!
How to Save Money and Snowboard More for Less
Snowboarding is an expensive sport, but there are many ways to get more for less. Learn about lift ticket deals and discounts, frequent skier programs, season pass deals and more.
What Gear Do I Need To Snowboard?
A list of everything you need to be comfortable when you go snowboarding
Breckenridge Ski Resort Review
Breckenridge Ski Resort, located in Breckenridge, Colorado, offers nearly 2,400 acres of skiing and snowboarding spread over four mountain peaks.
Terrain Park
Terrain Parks have exploded in popularity over the past several years, with many resorts now featuring multiple parks spread across the mountain.
Freestyle Snowboarding
Definition of Freestyle Snowboarding
Snowboard Boot and Glove Dryers
Snowboard boot and glove dryers dry your snowboard boots and gloves after a day on the slopes, so you don't have to deal with cold, wet hands and feet the next time you go snowboarding.
How Tall Should My Snowboard Be?
Making sure your snowboard is the correct size will go a long way towards ensuring top performance on the snow.
Building your own snowboarding jib box is...
Building your own snowboarding jib box to practice on is surprisingly simple -- and cheap.
How To Ride a Balance Board
Learn how to ride a balance board. Balance boards are great off-season training tools for snowboarders, and learning how to ride a balance board is quick and easy!
All Mountain Snowboarding
All mountain snowboarding is one of several different disciplines or types of snowboarding.
How to Build a Snowboard Jump (Kicker)
Building a snowboard jump (kicker) my sound simple, but it requires careful planning to make one that's truly epic. Here's how.
Snowboard Competitions
Getting started in competitive snowboarding, written for amateurs.
Vew-Do Indy Balance Board
Guide review of Vew-Do Balance Boards Indy model.
Snowboard Cross Training: Bicycling
Staying in shape during the off-season can be a challenge, but the rewards of cross training and conditioning are noticeable and well-worth the work when it comes time to strap the snowboard on again.
Top 10 Women's Freestyle Snowboards
The top ten women's freestyle snowboards.
It's a year of snowboarding firsts in the 2014...
Two awesome new events are debuting in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Here are the details and the schedules for all snowboarding events.
How to do a Method on a Snowboard
The method is one of the oldest and most stylish grabs in snowboarding. This is how your do it right.
The highback is an integral and important part of a snowboard binding.
Switch Stance
In snowboarding, switch stance is defined as riding backwards, or with the unnatural foot in front.
How to Frontside Stop on a Snowboard
How to stop on a snowboard on the frontside edge.
What is a Stomp Pad?
A stomp pad is a snowboarding accessory designed to provide traction for the rider when one foot is out of the bindings.
4 Equipment-Free Snowboarding Leg Exercises
Four snowboarding leg exercises
The WISDOM by Oakley
Description and review of the Oakley WISDOM snowboard goggle.
Hybrid Camber and Flat Camber
What hybrid camber (also called camber combination or cambered medley) is and how it affects a snowboard's performance.
He came from the flattest province in Canada,...
Mark McMorris came from the flattest province in Canada, but that didn't stop him from stomping the first-ever backside triple cork 1440.
Squaw Valley Ski Area Profile
Everything you need to know about Squaw Valley.
How to do a Mute Grab
If you learn how to do a mute grab, this simple trick will become one of your go-to maneuvers for any type of transition.
Setting Up Your Stance for Pipe Riding
Setting up your stance for pipe riding is basically just understanding the basics and then adjusting for what feels right to you.
Heavenly Snowboard Resort Review 2013
A review of Heavenly in 2013 including information about the mountain's history, terrain, and features.
How to Backside and Emergency Stop on a Snowboard
How to execute both backside and emergency stops on a snowboard.
How to Fit Snowboard Boots
How to fit snowboard boots before you rent or buy.
Go with a Pro
An overview of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors Go with a Pro campaign for learning to snowboard.
Definition of a snowboard halfpipe.
Preparing Your Snowboard for a New Season
If you want to get the most out of your old gear there are several things you can do to ensure it's performing at the top its game.
Vail Resort Review
Vail, located in Vail, Colorado, is the largest ski and snowboard resort in the United States and is a major four-season vacation destination.
Vail Cascade Resort & Spa Review
The Vail Cascade Resort & Spa is located at the base of Vail Mountain in Vail, Colorado, and offers ski-in/ski-out accommodations in addition to great dining and a full-service spa.
Top 10 Gifts for Beginner Snowboarders
The Top 10 must-have gifts for beginner snowboarders this holiday season! Page 2.
How to Ollie on a Snowboard
Instructions for how to ollie and land effectively on a snowboard.
The ollie is one of the most basic moves on a snowboard. The move, borrowed from skateboarding, is the basis for nearly all other snowboarding tricks.
Your core is more important than you think for...
Most people exercise their legs for snowboarding while forgetting about this equally essential fitness component.
Burton Driver X Snowboard Boots
Gear review of the Burton Driver X snowboard boot.
The definition of slopestyle, a competitive snowboarding event.
Kevin Pearce: Pro Snowboarder Profile
Kevin Pearce is a professional snowboarder and is considered one of the top U.S. snowboarders alongside other greats like Shaun White and Danny Kass.
How to Sharpen Your Snowboard's Edges
Sharpening your snowboard's edges is easy and only takes about 10 minutes. This is how you do it.
What is a butter?
The butter is just one of many flat board tricks that can be performed by a snowboarder.
How To Fit Snowboard Boots
How to fit snowboard boots before you rent or buy.
Seth Wescott Profile
Seth Wescott is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist in the snowboard cross event, and has won multiple Winter X-Games titles as well as U.S. championships and the 2005 World Championship.
What is Slopestyle and When Does it Debut as an...
Slopestyle snowboarding makes it's debut at the 2014 Winter Olympics. This is how it happened, what it means, and why it's awesome.
Giro Bad Lieutenant Snowboard Helmet
Giro Bad Lieutenant Snowboard Helmet
The U.S. Open
The U.S. Open of snowboarding is one of the premier competitive events in the snowboard world, and the flagship event for the Burton Global Open Series.
How to Do a Melon (Melancholy) Grab on a...
The melon is a simple grab that looks great if done properly. Here's how you can make it look sick.
Preventing Snowboard Theft: Lock Up Your...
A snowboard lock is the best way to prevent snowboard theft, and can make the difference between someone stealing your board or moving on to an easier target.
How to Determine Your Snowboard Stance
How to determine your snowboard stance width. Page 2.
Alpine Snowboarding
Definition of Alpine Snowboarding.
How to Set Up Your Stance for All-Mountain...
Step-by-step instruction for setting up your snowboarding stance for all-mountain riding (freeriding).
How to Handplant on Snowboard
Handplants are not easy, but with a little practice you will be able to master this advanced stylin' manoeuvre.
The snowboarder who finally topped Shaun White...
He won the gold in the halfpipe in the 2014 Winter Olympics in 2014 with his signature yolo flip, but his path to greatness started far earlier.
How to do an Indy Grab
Learn how to do an indy grab and you'll always have a go-to trick to add style to your big airs, flips, and spins.
Everything of note happening in the snowboardin...
Every important snowboard competition, festival, and trade show around the world in April 2014.
The Crippler
The Crippler is a very impressive snowboarding trick with a dubious name.
Definition of a Snowboarding Superpipe
Keystone Resort Review
Keystone Resort, located in Keystone, Colorado, is one of the largest ski and snowboard resorts in the U.S., and is known for being family friendly, as well as being the biggest resort in Colorado to offer night skiing.
Regular Foot
The definition of a regular foot rider on a snowboard.
How to Sideslip on a Snowboard
Detailed instructions on how to sideslip on a snowboard
540 - Definition of a 540
The definition of a 540 in snowboarding.
You can bet the farm on this Kaitlyn Farrington
Kaitlyn Farrington came from a small farming town and is hitting it big in snowboarding.
Upper-body strength is an often neglected part...
Upper-body strength is a more important for snowboarders than many people think. Here's why.
The Definition of Steeze
: In snowboarding lingo, steeze is a word used to describe a rider who performs with a combination of
How to Skate on a Snowboard
Detailed instructions on how to skate on a snowboard.
Vertical Drop
The definition of vertical drop, a term ski and snowboard resorts use often in their marketing campaigns.
What exactly is a split board?
A Split Board is the snowboard world's answer to backcountry skiing and riding.
He landed the first-ever triple cork on a...
Torstein Horgmo landed the first triple cork, but he didn't stop there. From blogging to the Olympics, this Norwegian continues to push the limits.
The definition of a backside trick in snowboarding.
Jamie Anderson: Starting young and going big in...
Jaime Anderson started snowboarding young and came from a family full of talent, earning medals alongside her sister.
Flat Camber (Zero Camber)
What flat camber (zero camber) is and how it affects a snowboard's performance
How Do I Fit My Snowboard Boots?
The fit of your snowboard boots is one of the most important factors in your enjoyment of the sport. Learn how to properly fit snowboard boots by reading this piece!
The Snurfer was one of the earliest snowboards, invented by Sherman Poppen in 1965. It would become the inspiration for Jake Burton Carpenter, the man who eventually created Burton Snowboards.
How to Tweak a Grab
Learning to tweak a grab is essential to looking good in the park and expanding your repertoire. Here's how to do it.
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Located in Teton Village, Wyoming, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is legendary for its steep, challenging terrain. The mountain features 116 named trails spread over 2,500 acres of in-bounds terrain. 12 lifts, including a 100 passenger aerial tram and an 8 person gondola provide access to the mountain's terrain.
iTrailmap 3D (GPS Tracking for Snowboarders)
Snowboarders with an iPhone 3G and the iTrailmap 3D application can now track their day on the slopes precisely.
720 - Definition of a 720
The definition of a 720 in snowboarding.
FUEL TV Profile
FUEL TV is a cable television channel focused on action sports such as skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, bmx and other sports. The channel launched in 2003, and currently beams action sports content 24 hours a day into over 26 million American households.
Joey is a derogatory term used by skiers and snowboarders to describe an inexperienced, often awkward participant of their sports.
How To Get On and Off a Chairlift While...
How to safely get on and off a chairlift while snowboarding.
Stratton Mountain Resort
Stratton Mountain Resort is located in Southern Vermont, and features over 90 trails, 16 lifts, a halfpipe and several terrain parks.
Keeping your snowboard sliding on the snow!
A quality base grind is a key ingredient to ensuring an enjoyable day on your snowboard.
Kicker Definition
Definition of the snowboarding term 'kicker'.
Grand Targhee Ski Area Profile
A profile of Grand Targhee Ski Area
The Winter Dew Tour
The Winter Dew Tour is a season-long event that makes stops at three resorts and showcases professional skiers and snowboarders competing against each other in several different events.
1080 - Definition of a 1080
The definition of a 1080 in snowboarding.
Footedness - Definition of Footedness
Custom Foot Beds & Insoles
Snowboarding definitions and terminology. The definition of a custom foot bed or custom insole.
360 - Description of a 360. Snowboarding.
Surface Lift
Surface lifts are a type of lift used to transport skiers and snowboarders uphill.
What Is a Chondola?
A Chondola is a hybrid ski and snowboard lift that has recently begun showing up at resorts around the world.
Keystone Ski Resort Profile
Keystone Ski Resort, located in Keystone, Colorado, is a family-friendly ski and snowboard resort that is owned by Vail Resorts.
Ride Snowboards Company Profile
Everything you need to know about Ride Snowboards Company including company history, team riders, and snowboard design and technology.
Beaver Creek Resort Profile
Ski and snowboard resort profile for Beaver Creek Resort, located in Beaver Creek, Colorado.
Snowboarding often leaves you sore, but it...
A long day of snowboarding will often leave you sore, but it doesn't have to. These techniques will help to reduce soreness so you can ride more.
Fixed-Grip Chairlift
The definition of a fixed-grip chairlift.
Telluride Snowboard Resort Review 2013
Why Telluride is like no other resort in the United States, and how my visit convinced me of that.
Arapahoe Basin
Located in Summit County, Colorado, Arapahoe Basin offers 105 trails spread over 900 acres. With a summit elevation over 13,000 feet, A-Basin is known for having one of the longest seasons in the U.S.
Mammoth Mountain
Located in Mammoth Lakes, California, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is one of the largest resorts in California. The resort offers 150 named trails spread over 3,500 acres, and can lay claim to one of the most progressive freestyle park scenes in the entire U.S.
The Tailsaver Tailbone Protector for Snowboarders
The tailsaver is a must-have accessory for any beginner snowboarder, as well as anyone concerned with protecting their tailbone from impact, injury, or cold.
Heelside - Definition of Heelside
A rider finally came up with a trick The Flying...
Everyone expected Shaun White to win gold in the halfpipe in Sochi for the 3rd time in a row, but he didn't even get a medal. This is why.
Snow Reports and Current Conditions
Ski & Snowboard Resort Snow Reports, Snow Conditions, and Weather
Beaver Creek Resort Review
Beaver Creek Resort, located in Eagle County, Colorado, is the sister resort to Vail, and is one of the most luxurious ski and snowboard resorts in the U.S.
Injuries and complaints tainted the first-ever...
Injuries and complaints from riders tainted the anticipation of the first-ever Olympic Slopestyle event, but in the end the competition came off well.
Fakie Definition
A definition of the term fakie used in snowboarding
High-Speed Detachable Chairlift
Snowboarding definitions and terminology. The definition of a High-Speed Detachable Chairlift

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