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How to Do a Nose Grab on a Snowboard


How to Do a Nose Grab on a Snowboard
Photo © Matt Gibson

Although it is sometimes regarded as an old-fashioned trick from the early years of snowboarding, a nose grab still remains one of the most difficult and stylish grabs in the sport. Most grabs involve a simple bend of the knee, but nose grabs require a much more exaggerated motion with one leg bent and the other straight.

While it is an undeniably difficult trick to perfect, the nose grab is also one of the coolest looking tricks in snowboarding when it’s performed correctly. With a bit of practice, you’ll be tweaking nose grabs all over the park and backcountry.

Difficulty: Moderate

Time Required: 45 minutes, or a handful of attempts once you’ve learned to hit jumps

How to Nose Grab:

  1. Practice your nose grabs at home first. Strap into your board and lay on your back on the ground. Practice reaching for the nose of your board and holding the grab as though you’re in the air. It may look ridiculous, but this will help you master the grab much quicker than if your first attempt is in mid air.
  2. Ride past the jump before you hit it. This will help you gauge how much speed you’ll need to clear the jump and will allow you to check the landing for obstacles. Take a look at how soft or icy the landing is, so you’re prepared when it comes time to stomp your landing.
  3. Head toward the jump in a straight line with your board flat on the snow. Your weight should be balanced on the center of the board, and your knees should be bent in an athletic stance. Look forward toward the jump.
  4. Ollie off the end of jump pop yourself into the air. Continue looking forward and pull your front knee toward your chest as far as you can.
  5. Drop your rear leg and straighten the knee to add more style to the nose grab. Keep your body centred over the board at all times to maintain balance. Nose grabs are one of the most awkward feeling maneuvers in snowboarding, so don’t be discouraged if you feel off-balance and squirrely on your first few attempts.
  6. Look straight ahead at your landing and release the grab as you descend. Make sure both knees are bent and your weight is centred on the board to stomp your landing.
  7. Head back to the top and start again. Nose grabs are difficult to master, and they won’t look or feel right until you’ve practiced them to perfection.


  1. Learn new tricks on small to medium size jumps before you try them on large ones.
  2. Have a friend video tape or watch you hit the jump. This grab looks really stylish when it’s done right, but it also looks really awkward when it’s not perfect. It helps to see how your nose grab looks in the air, so you can make improvements.
  3. It helps to hit a jump at least once without trying to do a trick before you attempt the new trick. This will help get to know the jump so that you feel more comfortable in the air.
  4. Tweak your nose grab by arching your back for even more steeze.
  5. Wear a helmet when hitting jumps or learning new tricks.

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