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Technique for Intermediate & Advanced Riders

Learning to snowboard and getting better at snowboarding require instruction from a certified snowboard instructor. Find information on snowboard lessons on this page.
  1. Intermediate Snowboarders (12)
  2. Advanced Snowboarding (6)

American Association of Snowboard Instructors
American Association of Snowboard Instructors

How to Build a Snowboard Jump (Kicker)
Building a snowboard jump (kicker) my sound simple, but it requires careful planning to make one that's truly epic. Here's how.

How to Tweak a Grab
Learning to tweak a grab is essential to looking good in the park and expanding your repertoire. Here's how to do it.

How to Do a Nose Grab on a Snowboard
Nosegrabs are one of the most awkward grabs in snowboarding and are hard to pull off with style. This tutorial explains how to nail them.

How to Handplant on Snowboard
Handplants are not easy, but with a little practice you will be able to master this advanced stylin' manoeuvre.

Snowboard Instruction
Learning how to snowboard is fun and easy! Get all the latest advice on snowboard lessons, snowboard equipment, clothing, and more!

How To Prepare For A Day In The Terrain Park
Preparing properly for snowboarding in the terrain park can make a big difference in your performance and for safety.

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