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Burton Snowboards, Jibstick, Dominant, Dominant Slick

The Burton Dominant snowboard model, a jibstick.
Image provided by PriceGrabber

Definition: The definition of a jibstick is a specialized type of snowboard that is used primarily for jibbing, either in a terrain park or an urban environment.

A jibstick is generally shorter and more flexible than a normal snowboard, which allows the rider greater maneuverability and control. Unless brand-new, jibsticks are almost always found in various states of disrepair due to the constant contact between the board and the objects being jibbed.

Pronunciation: [jib] [stik]
Also Known As: Urban board, rail board, sometimes called a park board (although a misnomer).
I'm going to spend my day on my jibstick tomorrow, sliding rails in the terrain park.

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