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Highback, snowboard bindings, equipment, snowboard gear

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Definition: A highback is the portion of a snowboard binding that supports the back of the rider's boot and calf. It is an integral and important part of the binding, responsible for transferring power to the heelside edge of the snowboard when making a heelside turn. The highback connects to the baseplate of the binding.

Highbacks may be made from plastic or a composite like carbon fiber, and usually feature padding for comfort. The highbacks on women's bindings are often shorter than those on men's bindings to account for the different shape of a woman's calf muscle. Today's highbacks are able to fold down to avoid interfering with the operation of chairlifts.

Pronunciation: [hahy-bak]
Also Known As: Hi-back, Hi-bak, Sky-back (Term registered by Burton Snowboards).
I forgot to fold down the highback on my binding before getting on the chairlift last time, so it's a good thing the chair didn't crush the binding!

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