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Snowboarding Terms

Sometimes it can seem like snowboarders are speaking a completely different language. Like the slang used by most teens, however, snowboarding terms can be learned. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some of the more popular terms and phrases in the sport.

Forward Lean Definition
Forward lean is a term used to describe the way snowboard bindings push a rider's lower leg forward.

What is a Snowcat?
A snowcat is a tracked vehicle that is used to travel over snow, as well as to groom and prepare ski and snowboard resort surfaces.

The Definition of Steeze
Snowboarding has a lingo all its own, and it can often be difficult to understand riders when they delve into "shop talk."

What Is a Chondola?
A Chondola is a hybrid ski and snowboard lift that has recently begun showing up at resorts around the world.

Vertical Drop
Vertical Drop - Definition of Vertical Drop

All Mountain Snowboarding
All mountain snowboarding is one of several different disciplines or types of snowboarding.

Toeside - Definition of Toeside

Alpine Snowboarding
Alpine Snowboarding - Definition of Alpine Snowboarding.

Terrain Park
Terrain Parks have exploded in popularity over the past several years, with many resorts now featuring multiple parks spread across the mountain.

American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI)
The American Association of Snowboard Instructors is a national organization for snowboard instructors.

Switch Stance
Switch Stance - Definition of Switch Stance

The baseplate is literally what a snowboarder stands on when strapped into their board, and the type and construction can make or break the riding experience.

Surface Lift
Surface lifts are a type of lift used to transport skiers and snowboarders uphill.

Chairlift - Definition of a Chairlift

Superpipe - Definition of a Superpipe

Custom Foot Beds
Custom Foot Beds - Definition of Custom Foot Beds

Summit County
Summit County - Definition of Summit County

Fixed-Grip Chairlift
Fixed-Grip Chairlift - Definition of a Fixed-Grip Chairlift

The Snurfer was one of the earliest snowboards, invented by Sherman Poppen in 1965. It would become the inspiration for Jake Burton Carpenter, the man who eventually created Burton Snowboards.

Footedness - Definition of Footedness

Snowskate - Definition of a Snowskate

Freestyle Snowboarding
Freestyle Snowboarding - Definition of Freestyle Snowboarding

Snowmaking - Definition of Snowmaking

Gondola - Definition of a Gondola

Slopestyle - Definition of Slopestyle

What is a Capstrap?
The Capstrap is one of the most important innovations to come to the world of snowboard equipment in the past few years.

Definition of Tuned
Tuned is slang in the snowboard world for a snowboarder that has everything dialed in to the point of being able to do something in their sleep.

What exactly is a split board?
A Split Board is the snowboard world's answer to backcountry skiing and riding.

What is Rocker?
Rocker is all the rage in snowboard design these days, as it enhances the function of the board in deep snow, on rails and boxes, and in spring crud.

Keeping your snowboard sliding on the snow!
A quality base grind is a key ingredient to ensuring an enjoyable day on your snowboard.

The ultimate in spring snow conditions
Corn snow is the ultimate in spring snowboarding conditions, but what exactly is it and how does it develop?

Goofy Foot
Goofy Foot - Definition of Goofy Foot

Skier Day
The definition of a skier day, a ski and snowboard industry term for guest visits.

Halfpipe - Definition of a Halfpipe

Regular Foot
Regular Foot - Definition of Regular Foot

Heelside - Definition of Heelside

Pipe Dragon
Pipe Dragon - Definition of a Pipe Dragon

High-Speed Detachable Chairlift
High Speed Detachable Chairlift - Definition of a High-Speed Detachable Chairlift

Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet - Definition of a Magic Carpet

The highback is an integral and important part of a snowboard binding.

Joey is a derogatory term used by skiers and snowboarders to describe an inexperienced, often awkward participant of their sports.

The definition of jib...both the verb and the noun!

A jibstick is a specialized type of snowboard, and not something you'll want to ride in most conditions.

Camber (Traditional Camber)
A definition of camber for snowboards

Rocker (Reverse Camber)
What rocker on a snowboard is and how it affects performance.

Flat Camber (Zero Camber)
What flat camber (zero camber) is and how it affects a snowboard's performance

Hybrid Camber and Flat Camber
What hybrid camber (also called camber combination or cambered medley) is and how it affects a snowboard's performance.

Aerial Tram Definition
Aerial Tram Definition

Powder Snorkel
Powder snorkel definition.

Para-snowboarding definition.

What is snowboard cross (boardercross)?
The definition of snowboard cross (also known as boardercross).

Kicker Definition
Definition of the snowboarding term 'kicker'.

Fakie Definition
A definition of the term fakie used in snowboarding

Snowboard Tool Definition
A snowboard tool is a useful little gizmo that snowboarders carry around.

Heliboarding Definition
The definition of heliboarding.

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