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2008-2009 Men's Snowboard Buyers Guide

Check out this year's new boards


If you're in the market for a new snowboard this season, the choices can seem overwhelming. Narrow down your search by taking a look at all the latest offerings for the 2008-2009 season by Atomic, Burton, Forum, K2, Never Summer, Ride and Rossignol.

Atomic Snowboarding

Atomic Snowboarding, Atomic, Snowboards, Snowboard equipment, snowboarders, snowboarding
Though known more for their successful alpine race skis, Atomic makes some great snowboards, especially for riders that deal with hard-snow conditions on a daily basis - Ice Coasters, or anyone looking for a solid, stiff board would do well to check out Atomic Snowboarding's offerings.

Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards, Burton, Snowboards, Snowboarding, Snowboarders, Snowboard Equipment
With 41 different models for the 08/09 season, Burton offers a board for just about every riding style out there. Love the board but hate the graphic? There's a good chance Burton has you covered with their Series 13 Custom Snowboard Program. Choose from a ton of different graphic options, or upload your own photo or artwork for a totally unique board!

Forum Snowboarding

Forum Snowboarding, Forum Snowboards, forum, snowboarding, snowboards, snowboard equipment
Started by the legendary Peter Line in 1996, Forum Snowboarding has been churning out some of the dankest boards this side of B-Town for over a decade. Although the company was bought by Burton Snowboards in 2004, the two company's maintain distinct product lines.

K2 Snowboarding

K2 Snowboarding, K2, Snowboards, snowboard equipment, snowboarding, snowboarders
Like Atomic, K2 is best known for its skis, but riders in the know will remember K2 also brought the world the Clicker step-in binding awhile back. While step-ins eventually went the way of the three-strap snowboard binding, the innovation and creativity that led to the Clicker continues to live on at K2.

Lib Tech

Lib-Tech Snowboards, Lib-Tech, snowboards,snowboard equipment, Magne-Traction, Skate Banana
One of the most progressive snowboard companies on the planet, Lib-Tech has been on the forefront of snowboard technology for years. Don't take my word for it, though - bust some butters on their Skate Banana or destroy the iciest pipe the East coast can throw at you on one of their Magne-Traction boards and see for yourself.

Never Summer Snowboards

Never Summer Snowboards, Never Summer Industries, Never Summer, snowboards,snowboard equipment
Never Summer - they certainly got the name right, eh? Hand-made in Colorado, Never Summer boards have always had a certain cachet about them. This season they've introduced what they've dubbed "R.C. (Reverse Camber) and Vario Power Grip Sidecut technology on several of their boards.

Ride Snowboards

Ride Snowboards, Ride, snowboard equipment, snowboards, snowboarding, snowboarders
Ride makes boards for riders, so its no wonder they're one of the most popular snowboard manufacturers around. With several different lines to choose from, they've got a board for every style of riding.

Rossignol Snowboards

Rossignol Snowboards, Rossignol, snowboard equipment, snowboarding, snowboarders, snowboards
Offering a line of 13 distinct boards for the 2008-2009 season, Rossignol has been in the snowsports business for over 100 years. Add a set of Rossignol bindings to your rig for a seamless connection between snow and rider, then get ready to shred!

Salomon Snowboard

Salomon Snowboard, Salomon Snowboards, Salomon, snowboards, snowboard equipment, snowboarding
Founded in 1947, Salomon was pivotal in bringing twin-tips to the skiing scene. That same forward-thinking attitude exists in their snowboard division, a quality that's displayed throughout their line of snowboards, boots and bindings.
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