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8 Websites for Buying Dirt Cheap Snowboarding Gear

Now is a great (read: cheap) time to stock up on snowboarding gear for next year



Looking for a new ride this season?

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The best time to buy snowboard gear is when you don’t actually need it. And while it may seem like a bummer to order a bunch of fresh new gear when the season is coming to a close (or even in the middle of summer), you’ll save a lot of money. The formula is simple, buy your gear when companies are trying to unload all of their leftovers from the peak of the season instead of when the snow starts to fall and demand is high. While most retail stores throw end-of-season and off-season sales, you can often find a wider selection of gear at even lower prices on these websites, which specialize in helping brands unload unsold inventory.


Backcountry.com is probably one of the biggest and best-known discount online retailers, selling a wide variety of extreme and outdoor sports gear (including plenty for snowboardign).  Although shopping around is a good idea, you could easily buy all of your snowboard gear at this one-stop-shop for outdoor supplies, clothing and accessories. To find all of their best snowboarding deals straight away, jump straight to the snowboarding section of their outlet page here.

Whiskey Militia

With the tagline “Surf, Skate, and Snow. Cheaper than your mom.” Whiskey Militia is definitely aimed at younger board riders. The website has deals on snowboards, boots, bindings and other accessories offered in two different ways. The “Current Fix”  is a flash sale section of the site that features one item — typically 50 to 90 percent off — for a limited time. As the clock ticks, you can see the quantity remaining and save it in your cart if you just have to have it. This is where you can score some of the highest quality gear in the industry for a fraction of its retail price, but you do have to check back to the site often and watch those “Current Fix” deals.

If you prefer slightly less pressure when shopping online, Whiskey Militia has a “Private Stash” section, which features a handful of different categories every day, such as “Men’s Outerwear,” “Ladies’ Burton,” “Goggles,” and more. Prices in the Private Stash hover around 50-percent off the item’s usual retail price.


Dogfunk.com sells extreme sports gear year-round, and if you shop for snowboard gear at the end of the season, you will likely find a wide variety of discounted items here. They’ve got everything you need from boards to gloves and long underwear, and if you shop the clearance section, you can often find deals well over 50 percent off. Dogfunk.com also gives shoppers free credits when they purchase a certain amount of goods and the website’s 100-percent-guaranteed return policy makes shopping online worry-free.


The-House.com has been a go-to shop for action-sports enthusiasts for years. The broad selection of gear is what draws riders in. With nearly 1100 jackets in stock, shoppers can browse hundreds more items than they would be able to in a brick-and-mortar store and get those items for discounted prices as well.


Free shipping can be a huge perk whether you’re buying a snowboard (which is generally heavy and expensive to ship) or a variety of shirts, hats, gloves and gear. TruSnow (formerly sierrasnowboard.com) eliminates the worry of outrageous shipping rates with dirt cheap prices on off-season gear as well as free shipping on orders over $50. A lot of fresh items pop up on TruSnow at the end of the season, making it the perfect time to scoop up the season’s hottest goods for dirt-cheap prices.

Steep and Cheap

If you like the way Whiskey Militia works, you’ll love Steep and Cheap, which offers one limited-time deal for an incredibly low price as well as a separate “Gear Cache” where you can browse a variety of categories like “Men’s Snow,” “Women’s Eyewear,” etc. The prices on Steep and Cheap tend to be some of the lowest on the web, but buyers have to check back often to find the exact gear they’re looking for.


A number of retail stores unload their unwanted stock on eBay.com, and that means you can get the exact clothing you wanted to buy in a store for a fraction of the price. You can choose a “Buy It Now” option on many items and purchase your goods for a selected price by the seller, or try your hand at bidding on a few items to see if you can get them dirt cheap. Individual sellers — your fellow riders — often unload their gently used (or never used) gear on eBay as well, so you can scoop up top-quality items for next to nothing.


Check Craigslist.com at the end of season, and if you live near a mountain, you’ll see tons of riders trying to unload their gear for some summer spending money. You can grab gently-used boards, bindings, video cameras and tons of other gear for rock-bottom prices. Even better, you can negotiate with the seller and see the gear in-person before you buy it.

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