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Snowboarding Gear

Snowboarding gear - boards, boots, bindings, and safety equipment are all covered on this page. You'll find gear reviews, comparisons, and explanations of the different types of equipment here.
  1. Snowboards (10)
  2. Snowboard Boots (2)
  3. Snowboard Bindings (1)
  4. Accessories (14)

6 Websites with Incredibly Cheap Snowboarding Gear Right Now
There are lots of websites out there that sell overstock cheap snowboarding gear at big discounts. These are my favorites.


My Snowboard Setup
Describe your snowboard setup - what kind of board, boots, and bindings are you riding these days?

Get NEW Snowboard Gear for Cheap by Buying at the End of the Season!
Buying snowboard equipment at the end of the season is almost always cheaper than buying at the beginning of the season. Brand new boards, boots, and bindings are often available for a great price as shops and retailers wind down their winter seasons.

Best Websites for Dirt Cheap End-Of-Season Snowboarding Gear
Now is a great (read: cheap) time to stock up on snowboarding gear for next year

Buying and Caring for Snowboarding Gear
How to buy the best gear for you cheaply and maintain it properly.

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