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How to Choose a Good Set of Halfpipe Gloves

There are several things you should consider


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Terrain park and halfpipe gloves were created to meet the needs of riders who needed glove that would repel water, keep their hands warm, and was durable enough not to fall apart from constantly grabbing the sharp metal edges of their snowboard while doing tricks in the terrain park and halfpipe. Follow this guide to choosing the proper pair of park and pipe gloves, and you’ll notice your gloves not only last longer, but your hands are more protected and your grabs are far more crisp.

Check the Waterproofing

Many snowboard gloves on the market claim to be made for park and pipe, but it’s important to find a pair that has proper waterproofing to keep your hands cozy on cold and wet days. Make sure your pipe gloves have a waterproof membrane to keep the cold out during peak season and your hands dry in slushy spring conditions.

Look for Rugged Construction

Durability is the most important feature in park and pipe gloves -- a glove that won’t tear will keep your hands warmer in all conditions. Leather and suede are good, durable materials for the palm and interior side of your fingers, which is exactly where you’ll be doing most of your grabbing and damage to your gloves. A quality pipe glove may also have a silicone layer over leather on the palms and inner side of the fingers to help you grip your board, bindings, and other objects when needed.

A quality pair of pipe and park gloves will not only protect your hands, they’ll last so long that they’ll protect your wallet too.

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