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Shaun White: Pro Snowboarder Profile


Shaun White, X-Games, Professional Snowboarder, Skateboarder

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Lowdown:

Known as "The Flying Tomato", Shaun White is a pro snowboarder, owner of 10 Winter X-Games Gold medals, and two Olympic Gold medals (2006 Torino/2010 Vancouver). White is also a pro skateboarder, competing in the Summer X-Games and The Mountain Dew AST Tour.

Born: September 3, 1986 (Age 21)
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Resides: Park City, UT
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 139 lbs.
Nicknames: The Flying Tomato, Future Boy, The Egg, Senor Blanco

Riding Info

Home Mountain: Park City, UT
Board: Shaun White Pro Model by Burton
Boots: The White by Burton
Bindings: Burton Custom
Stance: Regular
Width: 23"
Angles: Front 12, back -3

Career Highlights:

Olympic Results: Gold medal in the halfpipe competition, 2006 Winter Olympics. Gold medal in the halfpipe, 2010 Winter Olypmics.

X-Games Highlights:
White is a ten-time Winter X-Games gold medalist, with a total of 15 Winter X medals in two events (Slopestyle & Halfpipe). He is one of only two Winter-X athletes (the other being skier Tanner Hall) to earn at least 7 golds. He also holds both silver and gold medals from the Summer X-Games as a skateboarder.

Other Event Highlights:
White has won the U.S. Open Halfpipe title three years running, and has several podium finishes, including a gold, in the slopestyle.

Snowboard Prodigy turned Rockstar:

Shaun White has been a professional snowboarder since the age of 14. Also a professional skateboarder and one-time protégé of skateboarding's Godfather, Tony Hawk, White may be the most recognizable alternative-sports athlete on the planet.

With his many sponsorships, White has designed his own collection of snowboards and snowboard equipment (with Burton Snowboards), a line of clothing (also with Burton - The White Collection, and has his own pro-model skateboard made by Tony Hawk's Birdhouse Skateboards. He also has his own video game, "Shaun White Snowboarding," developed by Ubisoft.

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