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Peter Line Snowboarder Profile


Peter Line was one of the first household names in snowboarding. He left footprints all over the snowboarding industry with legendary feats ranging from his insane cork maneuvers to co-founding winter clothing and snowboard companies.

He started riding in 1987 and joined the competitive circuit in 1993. A few years later he partnered with Raul Reis of Special Blend clothing to create Foursquare, a clothing line that every rider in the ‘90s wanted to have in their closet. In 1997, Line partnered with Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire to create Forum snowboards. Forum compiled a team of the best upcoming riders in snowboarding, which became known as the legendary Forum Eight.

Although, Peter Line’s riding is what truly made him famous. He was the first rider to master switch tricks, backside rodeos, and corked spins in the backcountry. He took park tricks out of the park and starred in films that made riders watching at home drool.

Peter Line Fast Facts:

Born: August 3, 1974
Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Home Mountain: Summit-at-Snoqualmie, Washington
Height: 5’6”
Stance: Goofy
Width: 21”
Sponsors: Forum, Foursquare, Electric, Vestal

Peter Line Career Highlights:

U.S. Open - Big Air: Silver

MTV Sports and Music - Big Air: Gold

MTV Sports and Music - Big Air: Gold

Winter X Games - Big Air: Silver
Winter X Games - Slopestyle: Gold

SIMS Invitational World Snowboarding Championships: Gold
Winter X Games - Big Air: Gold
Winter X Games - Slopestyle: Bronze

Peter Line Off the Mountain:

Peter Line has been fully involved in the snowboarding industry on and off the mountain. He's worked on product design, marketing, and filmmaking for Forum and Foursquare (although Burton Snowboards bought both companies in 2005).

Line is an advocate for the longevity of snowboarding as an activity for kids who may not be into more conventional sports like baseball and football. He’s taken up photography as a hobby, but there’s no doubt that snowboarding will always be his true love.

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