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Antti Autti Professional Snowboarder Profile


Antti Autti Professional Snowboarder Profile
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Antti Autti Background:

Antti-Matias Antero Autti started snowboarding in 1995 and later won gold medals at some of snowboarding’s biggest competitions during the sport’s most progressive years. He won the X-Games Superpipe competition in 2005 and was awarded a bronze medal in 2009. He was also ranked 2nd on the TTR World Snowboard Tour in 2007.

In addition to winning competitions, Antti Autti loves riding powder on his home mountain and on his favorite mountains around the world. He hails from Rovaniemi, Finland, and your best chance of seeing him is on his home mountain Ounasvaara in Finland or in one of his self-produced backcountry films on his website Anttisworld.com.

Antti Autti Quick Facts:

Born: March 15, 1985
Hometown: Rovaniemi, Finland
Resides: Rovaniemi, Finland
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Regular
Width: 59 cm
Angle: Front +18, Back -15
Sponsors: Billabong, Dakine, Giro, Kustom Shoes, Nidecker, Rockstar

Antti Autti Career Highlights:

Although Antti Autti chose to focus on traveling and making backcountry films, he took home some big wins during his decade-long competitive career. Autti won the Men's Big Air and Halfpipe at the 2005 World Championships, and also became the first non-American to win the X-Games Men's Superpipe that same year.

Two years later, he won a bronze medal in the X-Games Big Air competition. He was ranked 3rd in the 2006 and 2009 TTR World Snowboard Tours, and won the 2008 Toyota Big Air competition. Despite his success in competitive snowboarding, Autti always prefers riding fresh powder at his home mountain.

Antti Autti Off the Mountain:

Antti Autti likes watching movies, jet skiing, traveling, and surfing with his friends in Hossegor, France. If he’s not traveling or surfing, you can find him on a barstool at the Tivoli Bar in Rovaniemi.

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