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Jamie Anderson Professional Snowboarder Profile

Starting young and going big



Jaime Anderson in Tahoe

Photo credit: aktivioslo

Jamie Anderson’s Background:

Jamie Anderson grew up in beautiful Lake Tahoe with the competition and support of seven siblings. Because she was homeschooled, Anderson was able to be on the mountain nearly every day. She started riding at just 9 years old and almost always rode with her two older sisters who also excel in the sport.

When Jamie Anderson won the Winter X Games bronze in 2006, she was just 15 years old. She the youngest Winter X Games medalist ever and her career took off. In the following years took home six Winter X Games gold medals including a gold in slopestyle in 2007, which made her the youngest female gold medal winner in competition. Talent runs in the family. Jamie’s sister Joanie took gold in the women’s snowboardcross competition during the very same X Games.

Since Jamie Anderson became a professional rider, she’s been known for her incredible motivation, impressive style and youthful attitude toward the sport she loves.

Jamie Anderson Quick Facts:

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Birthday: September 13, 1990

Resides: Lake Tahoe, Calif.

Height: 5’5”, 115 lbs

Home Mountain: Sierra at Tahoe

Stance: Regular

Disciplines: Slopestyle

Sponsors: Billabong, Monster Energy, Oakley, GoPro, Widsix, Sierra-at-Tahoe

Jamie Anderson Career Highlights:

The Winter X Games bronze medal in 2006 was one of Jamie Anderson’s biggest wins. It put her on the map as one of the best female snowboarders in the world at just 15 years old, and she kept going from there.

Jamie Anderson is a three-time Dew Tour champion and seven-time Dew Tour gold medal winner. In 2011, she ranked first in the TTR rankings and took home first in the New Zealand Open. In 2013, she won the World Cup at Copper Mountain, and she’s taken home gold three times in the U.S. Grand Prix. Whichever way you look at it, Jamie Anderson’s resume is impressive.

Jamie Anderson Off the Mountain:

You can practically visualize Jamie Anderson’s free-spirited personality through her riding style. She loves traveling, dancing, yoga, hiking, biking and hanging out at the beach with her family and friends. No matter how much she enjoys all of these off-mountain activities, Anderson makes it obvious that snowboarding is her one true love.

Jamie Anderson Contest Results:

Winter X Games:

●    Bronze, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2006

●    Gold, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2007

●    Gold, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2008

●    Silver, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2010

●    Bronze, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2011

●    Gold, Slopestyle, Winter X Games 2012

TTR World Snowboard Tour:

●    2nd, TTR World Tour Year-End Ranking, 2007

●    1st, TTR World Tour Year-End Ranking, 2008

●    1st, TTR World Tour Year-End Rankings, 2011 

Other Notable Placements:

●    2nd, Slopestyle, Chevy Grand Prix 2006

●    3rd, Slopestyle, U.S. Open, 2006

●    1st, Slopestyle, Abominable Snow Jam, 2006

●    1st, Big Air, Icer Air, 2006

●    2nd, Slopestyle, Vans Cup, 2007

●    1st, Slopestyle, Burton U.S. Open, 2007

●    1st, Slopestyle, Roxy Chicken Jam, 2008

●    1st, Halfpipe, Burton New Zealand Open, 2008

●    1st, Slopestyle, Burton New Zealand Open, 2008

●    1st, Slopestyle, Winter Dew Tour at Mt. Snow, 2009

●    1st, Slopestyle, Winter Dew Tour at Northstar, 2009

●    1st, Slopestyle, Winter Dew Tour Overall Standings, 2010

●    1st, Slopestyle, Roxy Chicken Jam, 2010

●    1st, Slopestyle, Burton New Zealand Open, 2010

●    1st, Winter Dew Tour Season End Standings, 2010

●    1st, Slopestyle, Winter Dew Tour Killington, 2011

●    1st, Slopestyle, Winter Dew Tour Season End Standings, 2011

●    1st, Slopestyle, Burton Canadian Open, 2012

●    1st, Slopestyle, Roxy Snow Pro, 2012

●    1st, Slopestyle, World Cup at Copper Mountain, 2013


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