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Off-Season Training for Snowboarding

Activities and plans for off-season snowboard training.

What Do You Do in the Snowboard Off-Season?
The snowboard season only makes up about half the year for most people, but that doesn't mean that snowboarders sit around twiddling their thumbs during the off season.

Balance Board Training for Snowboarders
Balance Board training for snowboarders.

Ride a Balance Board
Learn how to ride a balance board. Balance boards are great off-season training tools for snowboarders, and learning how to ride a balance board is quick and easy!

Four Equipment-Free Snowboarding Leg Exercises
Four snowboarding leg exercises

Snowboard Cross Training: Bicycling
Staying in shape during the off-season can be a challenge, but the rewards of cross training and conditioning are noticeable and well-worth the work when it comes time to strap the snowboard on again.

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