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Burton Snowboards' Learn to Ride Program


Burton Snowboards' Learn to Ride Program

Image courtesy Burton Snowboards

What It Is:

Burton's Learn to Ride (LTR) program is designed to make learning to snowboard fun and easy by combining proven teaching methodologies with beginner-specific equipment. The LTR program is broken into six different categories - Adult, Women, Progression Parks, Freestyle, Kids and Powder.

The Equipment:

Perhaps the most groundbreaking aspect of the LTR program is the equipment, specifically the snowboards. LTR boards feature a softer flex, radical sidecut and forgiving edge bevel, all of which are designed to reduce the likelihood of catching an edge and slamming into the ground. Along the same lines, LTR boots and bindings are softer flexing, allowing the rider to more easily guide the board into a turn.

The Centers:

LTR centers are located at major resorts throughout the country. Check out the LTR Website to find a LTR center near you.

Progression Parks:

LTR Progression Parks are featured at several LTR resorts. According to Burton's website, Progression Parks showcase smaller versions of the terrain features usually found in pro-level parks, as well as signage with trick tips strategically placed throughout the park.

The LTR Powder Program:

Introduced in 2007, the LTR Powder program is aimed at intermediate and advanced riders who want to improve their skills in deep powder. Instead of soft flexing beginner boards, the program uses Burton's Fish and Malolo powder boards to introduce riders to the powder experience. The program is currently offered at Kirkwood resort in Lake Tahoe, and Baldface Lodge [/link} in British Columbia.
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