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Getting Ready to Snowboard

A List of the Essential Items You'll Need


Getting Ready to Snowboard
Jason Merritt/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images for Oakley

Learning to snowboard can seem frightening for those with no winter sports experience, but it shouldn't be! With a little preparation and a positive attitude, learning to snowboard can be the first exciting step towards a lifetime of fun on the mountains. Adhere to the checklist below, and you'll be shredding down the hill in no time.

If it's your first time snowboarding, rent a snowboard and snowboard boots. There's no point in investing in all that equipment until you're sure this sport is for you.

Make sure you wear warm, comfortable clothing. Snowboarders spend a good amount of time sitting on the ground, so waterproof snowboard pants are a must. You may also want to rent a helmet and wrist guards, if possible, to minimize the possibility of injury on your first day.


Snowboard Clothing:

  • Long Underwear (shirt and pants), preferably made
    from a synthetic, moisture wicking fabric. NO COTTON!
    Cotton retains moisture, leading to a cold, wet snowboarder.
  • Gloves or Mittens (bring two pair, in case one gets wet)
  • Mid Layer (turtleneck or sweatshirt, depending on
    weather conditions)
  • Snowboard Socks (bring two pair, but only wear ONE at a
    time; two pair will bunch up in your boot, causing pain)
  • Snowboard Pants (insulated and waterproof)
  • Snowboard Jacket (insulated and waterproof)
  • Neck Gaiter (to keep your neck and chin warm)
  • Winter Hat or Helmet Liner

Dressing in layers is your best bet; you'll be able to add or remove a layer depending on the weather.


  • Hand/Foot Warmers
  • Lip Balm
  • Sunscreen
  • Bandana/Chamois (to wipe goggles clean)

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