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How to Snowboard

Learning how to snowboard is easy with the proper instruction. A beginner can learn to snowboard surprisingly quickly, and can often learn to turn and stop on a snowboard in as little as a few hours. eginners turning and stopping confidently as quickly as possible, tutorials for intermediates riders to learn new tricks and techniques, and instruction that will enable advanced riders to improve and refine their skills and tackle difficult terrain confidently and safely.
  1. Beginner Snowboarding How-To's (23)

How Tall Should My Snowboard Be?
Making sure your snowboard is the correct size will go a long way towards ensuring top performance on the snow.

Snowboard Safety
Information from the National Safety Council (NSC) on snowboarding safety.

What's the best way to learn how to snowboard?
Learning how to snowboard doesn't have to be difficult. Let others know how you learned to snowboard!

Getting Ready to Snowboard
A brief description of the essential items you'll need before you learn to snowboard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Learning to Snowboard
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about learning to snowboard.

Go with a Pro
An overview of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors Go with a Pro campaign for learning to snowboard.

Top 10 Gifts for Beginner Snowboarders
The Top 10 must-have gifts for beginner snowboarders this holiday season!

Burton Snowboards' Learn to Ride Program
Burton Snowboards' Learn to Ride Program.

How to Snowboard
How to snowboard, with tips and advice on snowboard lessons, snowboard equipment, snowboard resorts, travel and more!

Snowboard Disciplines
Determine what type of snowboarder you are. Different disciplines include freestyle, all-mountain, racing, big-mountain/backcountry, or just cruising.

Early Season Snowboarding Tips
The first few days of the season are filled with excitement, but certain precautions must be taken to ensure a long, enjoyable season. Follow these tips to make sure day one isn't the end of your season this year.

Snowboard Safety
Information from the National Safety Council (NSC) on snowboarding safety.

How to Build a Snowboard Jump (Kicker)
Building a snowboard jump (kicker) my sound simple, but it requires careful planning to make one that's truly epic. Here's how.

How to Tweak a Grab
Learning to tweak a grab is essential to looking good in the park and expanding your repertoire. Here's how to do it.

How to Do a Melon (Melancholy) Grab on a Snowboard
The melon is a simple grab that looks great if done properly. Here's how you can make it look sick.

How to do a Mute Grab
If you learn how to do a mute grab, this simple trick will become one of your go-to maneuvers for any type of transition.

How to do an Indy Grab
Learn how to do an indy grab and you'll always have a go-to trick to add style to your big airs, flips, and spins.

How to Snowboard
These tutorials will help you learn how how to snowboard better quickly -- whether you're just learning how to turn or training for competition.

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