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How to do an Indy Grab


This simple trick looks great when done well.
Photo © Matt Gibson

Whether you’re using it to help with balance backcountry airs or to add style to your 720s, the indy grab is one of the essential snowboarding maneuvers every rider should have in their bag of tricks. The indy grab is stylish, easy to perform, and it can be used on every aspect of the mountain from drop-offs to kickers and the halfpipe.

After a few attempts on a transition, you’ll start to feel comfortable with your indy grab. Thats when you can start tweaking and poking it out to add style to your airs, flips and spins. Although, the indy grab is a nice looking maneuver on its own too.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes or a couple of attempts

How to do an Indy Grab

  1. Strap into your board and reach for your indy grab on land before you try it in the air. Use your rear arm to grab the toe edge of your board between the bindings. You may want to reach a little farther toward your back binding for comfort.
  2. Try ollieing into the air, pulling your knees toward your chest, and grabbing the board. After a few attempts at getting comfortable with this grab on land, you’re ready to take it to a jump.
  3. Choose a jump that you’re comfortable hitting. If you’re in a new place, ride by the jump first to check for obstacles. If the landing is too icy or there are objects in the way, choose a different jump.

    Use this as a chance to gauge your speed too. You want just enough speed to make it to the jump’s landing without falling short or flying too far. Over-shooting a jump and landing on the flats can cause serious injury.
  4. Ride toward the jump with your board flat on the ground. You should be hitting the ramp right in the centre with equal space on the right and left of you. Keep your weight balanced and your knees bent to prepare for your ollie.

  5. Ollie off the lip of the jump to launch yourself higher into the air. Getting more air allows you to hold your indy grab longer for more style points.

  6. Pull your knees up toward your chest. Don’t reach too far for the grab. Let your legs bring the board closer to you, so your indy grab appears effortless. Keep your eye on the landing the entire time you’re in the air.
  7. Grab the board with your rear hand on your toeside edge between your bindings. Hold the grab until you begin your descent toward the landing.
  8. Let go of the grab as you descend and release your knees from the tucked position. Land in an athletic stance, with the board flat on the ground and your weight centred.
  9. Ride away smoothly and attempt the jump again. This time, add more style to your indy grab by tweaking it. Try extending your front leg completely for an indy nosebone, or extend both legs for an indy stiffy. Even better, start throwing the indy into flips and spins for balance and extra steeze.


  1. Avoid the common mistake of bending at the waist when you land. Keep your knees soft and bent and let them absorb the landing.
  2. Try hitting the jump once without grabbing for the indy to get a good feel for the jump. Feeling comfortable in the air will help your first indy grab look more effortless.
  3. Be careful not to stick your butt into the air when you reach for the grab. Focus on pulling your legs up rather than reaching, and you’ll avoid that serious style mistake.
  4. Don’t forget your helmet when trying new tricks and getting air.

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