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How to do a Method on a Snowboard


This classic trick always looks awesome
How to do a Method on a Snowboard
Robert Emperley/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The method is one of the most classic of all snowboard tricks. It’s the trick that proves you’ve really got style -- but if you mess it up, it really proves you don’t.

Once you’ve learned to take jumps and have started grabbing your board, the obvious progression is to start doing methods and tweaking them out for extra style. When performed properly, a method grab can have the same appeal to onlookers as a rodeo or corked 1080.

First, a Litte History

The method has actually been around much longer than rodeos and corked 1080s. A skater named Neil Blender performed the grab in a big air competition back in 1985. The rules of the competition stated that an air was measured from the lowest point of the rider’s board or body, so Neil grabbed his board and pulled it up while arching his back. When asked, he described what he did as the best “method” to win a big air comp. At that competition, in California in 1985, the method grab was born.

Difficulty: Moderate

Time Required: 45 minutes or a few attempts on a jump (although it can take much longer to master a stylish method grab)

How to Method Grab

  1. Practice your method at home before you take it to the slopes. This is one grab that takes a lot of feeling out before it can be performed correctly, so it helps to do a little extra preparation before you get out there and embarrass yourself.

    Start by strapping into your board and laying on the ground on your back. Reach your front hand to your heelside edge and grab just behind your front binding

    The method can also be performed by grabbing between your front binding and the nose of the board (as shown in the picture above).
  2. Take a run to check out the jump. See how much speed you will need to clear it without landing on a flat area. Also check for obstacles or ice. It may seem like a waste of a run, but correctly gauging your speed for a jump can prevent a serious injury.
  3. Ride toward the jump with your board flat on the snow and your weight centred. Your knees should be bent and ready to spring off the jump.
  4. Ollie at the very top of the ramp for an extra boost of air. Pull your legs toward your back (instead of up toward your chest like other grabs).
  5. Reach with your front hand and grab your heelside edge between your bindings. Grab between your front binding and the nose of the board for a more advanced method. Always look ahead toward the jump’s landing.
  6. Tweak the method. After you grab the board, rotate it across your body. At the peak of the trick, your board should be nearly perpendicular to your body.
  7. Hold the grab in place until you start to descend toward the landing.
  8. Release the grab and straighten your body for landing. Keep your weight centred on the board and your knees relaxed for a flawless landing.
  9. Stomp the landing and ride away smoothly. You’ve now performed one of the oldest and most stylish tricks in snowboarding.


  1. Wear a helmet whenever you’re taking jumps or attempting new maneuvers.
  2. Don’t grab your binding when reaching for your method. You won’t be able to tweak it if you do.
  3. After you take a run to gauge your speed for the jump, hit it once without attempting any grabs. Having a good feel for the jump before you attempt your method can make your grab look much smoother on your first attempt.
  4. Keep your body relaxed from takeoff to landing; a proper method is all about style.

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