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How to Fit Snowboard Boots


Snowboard Boots
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Comfortable feet may be the most important factor in ensuring a fun day on the slopes. Before you rent or buy snowboard boots, make sure they fit properly.

Try Them on First

Just like street shoes, snowboard boots come in different widths and fit certain foot shapes better than others. While wearing your snowboard socks, try on several different pair to get an idea which boot suits your foot best. The boots should be snug, with the front of your toes just brushing the front of the boot.

Lace 'em Up

Lace the boots up tight. They should feel comfortable, with no obvious pressure points or "hot spots." Your ankle and heel should be held in place securely, with little to no "heel-lift" or fore/aft (front to back) movement.

Flex Forward

While standing, flex forward to determine if the boots' flex is appropriate. The boot with the proper flex for you will offer some resistance, but not so much that it prevents any movement.

Next, from a seated position, raise your foot off the ground and flex your ankle as if you were pushing the gas pedal on your car. If you are unable to do this, the boot is too stiff and will severely impede your progress as a snowboarder. Look for something softer in this case.

Take a Hike

Finally, take a quick stroll around the store or rental shop to make sure the boots feel comfortable. An otherwise great day on snow can be wrecked by ill-fitting or painful boots, so take your time and make sure they fit properly!

Before You Buy Snowboard Boots

Your snowboard boots are the most important piece of equipment you'll be using. Perhaps the most important factor in getting the right snowboard boots is where you get them. Make sure to go to a reputable shop and try on as many pairs of boots as needed. And remember, the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked!
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