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A one-footed barrel jib.
Photo by Chris Del Sole

Definition: Jib is both a noun and a verb, with the definition changing depending on usage.

As a noun: a jib is an object or obstacle used by a snowboarder to jump upon or over. The jib can be made from almost anything, natural or man-made: Trees, logs, stumps, handrails, barrels, tires, vehicles, walls, people (NOT recommended, but certainly possible).

As a verb: to jib is the act of jibbing, or jumping upon or over an object or obstacle on a snowboard.

A snowboard that is specifically used for jibbing is often referred to as a jibstick.

Pronunciation: [jib]
Also Known As: Bonk, or tap.
I wanted to work on transitions today, but the halfpipe was wicked icy, so instead I spent the day jibbing everything in sight!
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