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Yolo Flip Definition

Yolo Flip: the trick that won the snowboarding halfpipe Gold Medal in Sochi



Inverted arial from the US Snowboarding Grand Prix Half Pipe at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Photo credit: John Lemieux

Definition: Iouri Podladtchikov’s signature trick -- the yolo flip -- is a mind-blowing combination of flips and spins traditionally described as a cab double cork 1440. Podladtchikov first landed the maneuver in competition in the men’s snowboard superpipe finals at the X Games, Tignes in 2013. It also helped him to secure a gold medal in halfpipe in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Here is a breakdown of the yolo flip:

Cab: The trick is performed switch frontside.

Double Cork: The Yolo flip includes two inverts.

1440: The flip includes four full 360 degree rotations (2 inverted rotations and 2 standard rotations)

Pronunciation: [yoh-loh] [flip]

Also Known As: Cab double cork 1440

Example: Iouri Podladtchikov threw his snowboard into the crowd when he landed a Yolo flip at the 2013 X Games.

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