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Cork (or Corked)

A gravity-defying spin



Inverted arial from the US Snowboarding Grand Prix Half Pipe at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Photo credit: John Lemieux

Definition: The terms cork and corked are used to describe tricks in which the snowboarder spins off-axis. Instead of just spinning while upright, the athlete rotates while horizontal or inverted. If a rider tilts sideways or upside down, the trick turns from a typical spin to a corked spin.

A double cork is another common maneuver in halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air competitions, and it simply means that the rider has tilted upside down two times during the spin instead of one. If the rider tilts upside down three times during the maneuver, it is considered a triple cork, and so on.

Pronunciation: [kawrk]

Example: The triple cork 1440 is one of the most complicated tricks in all of snowboarding.


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