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Glossary of Snowboarding Terms

Definitions and information on common snowboarding terms in the form of a glossary.
  1. Snowboarding Terms (55)
  2. Snowboarding Tricks (13)

What is Magnetraction?
Magnetraction snowboards look like nothing else on the market, and promise to grip ice better than anything else out there.

Box Rail Definition
Box rails are one of the most recent additions to snowboard parks around the world.

Yolo Flip Definition
Iouri Padladtchikov's signature trick -- which he first landed at the X Games in 2013 and that helped him win the gold in Sochi in 2014 -- explained.

Cork (or Corked)
The cork spin (spinning sideways or inverted) is one of the hardest tricks in snowboarding.

Cab Definition
Few know what this oft-used term means

A Guide to Snowboarding Terminology for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
The snowboarding terms you need to know for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Big Air Competition Definition
The big air competition is a snowboarding discipline in which riders compete to perform the highest scoring maneuver on a single, massive jump.

Snowboard Grab Definition
Wonder what a grab is? Now you know.

Sidecountry Snowboarding Definition
Sidecountry snowboarding is kind of like backcountry snowboarding, but with less hiking.

Snow Dome Definition
Snow domes make it possible to snowboard year-round indoors.

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