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April 2014 Snowboarding Events

Everything of note happening in the snowboarding world this month


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April 2014 Snowboarding Competitions

IS Open

Iso--Syote, Finland: April 2-4, 2014

The first 5Star World Snowboard Tour slopestyle event in Finland -- the IS Open -- is an open competition that anyone can apply to compete in (though applying does not guarantee entry) featuring 100 international riders. In addition to being a world-class snowboarding event, riders and spectators enjoy music from Finland’s best artists and DJ’s during the competition and at the after parties.


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Völkl World Rookie Finals

Ischgl, Austria: April 2-6

Run by the World Snowboarding Federation, the World Rookie Tour is a stepping-stone for amatuer, competitive, and semi-pro riders who want to turn pro and move up to the big leauges. The 2014 World Rookie Champion will be crowned at this event, the last on the tour.


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Suomi Tour

Sappee, Finland: April4-5

This Finnish slopestyle competition has a 1Star FIS ranking. At the time of writing that was the only information available online in English.

Website (Finnish only)


Vans Hi Standard Cairngorms

Cairgorm, United Kingdom: April 5

This unique competition focuses much more on style and fun rather than big tricks. No rotation over 720 is permitted, forcing riders to get creative with their runs rather than simply going for big spins and corks. This event includes a big air comp, rail jam, prizes, and BBQ, and, as the website says, “fun is manditory.”



Ride Shakedown Presented by Videotron Mobile

Mont Saint Sauveur, Quebec, Canada: April 4-5, 2014

Grassroots amateurs and professional riders from around the world combine to compete in this 5Star World Snowboard Tour event. While the riders and the world-class slopestyle course are certainly the stars of the show, riders and spectators enjoy an elaborate halfpipe shoe, autograph sessions, DJs, and after parties. The Ride Shakedown is an awesome slice of professional and amateur snowboard culture.


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Community Cup Presented by Volvo

Keystone, Colo.: April 4-6, 2014

The Community Cup presented by Volvo is making huge waves on the women’s snowboarding circuit. As the only all-female World Snowboard Tour event on television in the U.S., the competition features a unique practice-style format to allow female riders to present their most difficult maneuvers to the world. The Community Cup promotes environmental awareness and offers organic snacks, eco workshops, yoga, and acupuncture for all involved in the contest.



Norwegian Championships

Trysil, Norway: April 9 - 12

Thousands of Euros in prizes are on the line in the Norwegian slopestyle and big air championships to be held in Trysil.

Website (Norwegian)


Swiss Freestyle Championships

Corvasch, Switzerland: April 11-12

This World Snowboard Tour 2Star competition will include men’s and women’s halfpipe and slopestyle events. At the time of writing that was all the information available online in English.

Website (Swiss)


DC Happy Hitster Hangout  

Stubai Glacier, Austria: April 12-13

€1,500 will be up for grabs in this unique and creative arial competition, which is held at Austria’s biggest glacier resort. The event is sponsored by DC Shoes, who are also providing BBQ and DJ’s. I can deal with that.



The Shred Show

Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada: April 11-13, 2014

This unique 5Star World Snowboard Tour event features big air, slopestyle and boarderstyle (snowboardcross and slopestyle hybrid) events. Thirty of the best riders from around the world will compete in each event for TTR World Tour points and a massive $25,000 prize purse in each of the slopestyle and big air competitions.



April 2014 Snowboarding Festivals

Spring Back to Vail 

Vail, Colo.: April 7-20

The self-proclaimed “biggest end-of-season bash in the Rocky Mountains!” includes a pond-skimming competition (sponsored by Red Bull), giveaways, parties, free concerts, and more.




Mayrhofen, Austria: April 7-12

This festival, which calls itself “Greatest Show on Snow... Mystical. Musical. Without Equal…” is 5 days of on-mountain music and parties with a little skiing and snowboarding mixed in.



World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada: April 11-13, 2014

This massive festival has a smorgasboard of on- and off-hill events including a 5Star World Snowboard Tour competition (see Shred Show listing under competitions) including live music, film exhibitions, a roller derby, and much, much more.




Hot Ice Experience (Festival)

Val d'Isère, France: April 12-May 4

This spring festival comes with on-hill entertainment, including a free performance by BBBrunes.


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