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Women's Snowboard Cross Results

Who took home Olympic Medals?


Women's Snowboard Cross results are in! The race was delayed by rain and fog at at Cypress Mountain outside Vancouver, but that didn't stop the ladies from raging down the hill once conditions improved.

Canadian Maelle Ricker beat out Debra Anthonioz from France and Switzerland's Olivia Nobs to take the Gold medal. Anthonioz finished second for the silver, with Nobs finishing third to take home the bronze. American Lindsey Jacobellis was knocked out earlier in the day, preventing her from redeeming herself after an embarassing crash during the 2006 Games in Torino.

2010 Winter Olympic Women's Snowboard Cross Results:

  • Gold: Maelle Ricker (Canada)
  • Silver: Debra Anthonioz (France)
  • Bronze: Olivia Nobs (Switzerland)

Cypress Mountain has been the focus of bad press leading up to the 2010 Winter Olympics, as it was cited for a severe lack of snow - it was bad enough that Olympic organizers were forced to use helicopters and dump trucks to bring snow down from higher locations to ensure conditions were suitable for holding the various Olympic events scheduled. After the Games began, organizers were forced to refund nearly $400,000 worth of tickets due to a spectator area being closed because of flooding from heavy rains and warm weather. Combined with a soft, bumpy, rutted course, it served to make an already "interesting" sport that much more interesting, but as is expected of Olympians, the athletes pushed through.

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