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Snowboard Boot and Glove Dryers

Never Deal with Cold, Wet Hands and Feet Again


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Image provided by Cozy Winters.com

Even in the dead of winter, your hands and feet will sweat inside your snowboard boots, while your gloves get it from both ends - sweat from your hands as well as moisture from contact with the snow. Unless you dry your boots and gloves overnight, they'll still be wet the next morning, leading to cold, wet hands and feet. While putting them next to the fire works, it can also damage your boots and gloves, drastically shortening their lifespan. That's where snowboard boot and glove dryers come in.

Snowboard boot dryers come in all shapes and sizes, from portable models that only one pair of boots or gloves at a time, to more permanent models that are designed to be installed in the home and can dry several pairs of boots and gloves at once. Unless you own a slopeside home, you'll want to look at the portable models.

Snowboard boot and glove dryers can be purchased at most ski and snowboard shops, or online. Cozy Winters.com has a large selection of dryers, starting around $30, with pricier models going for several hundred dollars.

For a fraction of the price of a new pair of snowboard boots, you can ensure your boots will provide you with years of warm, dry enjoyment on the slopes. I won't go snowboarding without my boot dryer! Trust me, your hands and feet will thank you!

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