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Snowboard Accessories

An in-depth look at snowboard accessories.
  1. Snowboard Helmets (2)
  2. Goggles (3)

What is a Stomp Pad?
A stomp pad is a snowboarding accessory designed to provide traction for the rider when one foot is out of the bindings.

All About Custom Foot Beds
An in-depth look at the benefits of custom foot beds for snowboard boots.

iTrailmap 3D (GPS Tracking for Snowboarders)
Snowboarders with an iPhone 3G and the iTrailmap 3D application can now track their day on the slopes precisely.

Vew-Do Indy Balance Board
Guide review of the Vew-Do Indy balance board, a great off-season training tool for the snowboard set.

The Tailsaver Tailbone Protector for Snowboarders
The tailsaver is a must-have accessory for any beginner snowboarder, as well as anyone concerned with protecting their tailbone from impact, injury, or cold.

Snowboard Boot and Glove Dryers
Snowboard boot and glove dryers dry your snowboard boots and gloves after a day on the slopes, so you don't have to deal with cold, wet hands and feet the next time you go snowboarding.

Preventing Snowboard Theft: Lock Up Your Snowboard
A snowboard lock is the best way to prevent snowboard theft, and can make the difference between someone stealing your board or moving on to an easier target.

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