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Snowboard Setup - How to Determine Your Snowboard Stance
Dialing in your snowboard stance is one of the most important things you can do to set up. Stance width, angles, and being centered on the board all combine to ...
How to Set Up Your Stance for All-Mountain Snowboarding
Step-by-step instruction for setting up your snowboarding stance for all-mountain riding (freeriding).
Setting Up Snowboard Bindings to Ride in Terrain Park
To achieve maximum results, you have to have your bindings set up just right before hitting the park.
How to Set Up Your Bindings for Carving - Snowboarding - About.com
Whether youve decided you want to start racing or just want to freeride with more power, setting your bindings in a proper carving stance will give you that extra ...
How to Ride a Snowboard Fakie (Switch) - Snowboarding - About.com
You don't have to be ambidextrous to ride your snowboard fakie. ... The first step to learning how to ride fakie is setting your bindings in a stance that will make it ...
Setting Up Your Stance for Pipe Riding - Snowboarding - About.com
Setting up your stance for pipe riding is basically just understanding the basics and then adjusting for what feels right to you.
Wakeboard Binding Set-Up - Beginner Recreational Stance
Learn how your wakeboard bindings should be set up on your board for ... Your Stance for All-Mountain Snowboarding · How to Set Up Snowboard Bindings to ...
Travis Rice: Professional Snowboarder Profile - Snowboarding
Travis Rice is a professional snowboarder with several Winter X-Games medals to his ... Width: 23" Angles: Front +15, back -9. Travis Rice Career Highlights:.
Shaun White Profile - Professional Snowboarders - Snowboarding
Shaun White is a pro snowboarder, the owner of 8 Winter X-Games Gold ... Width : 23" Angles: Front 12, back -3. Career Highlights: Olympic Results: Gold medal ...
Intermediate - Advanced Stance for Wakeboard Binding Set-Up
Learn how your wakeboard bindings should be set up on your board for ... to Figuring Out Your Snowboard Stance · How to Set Up Snowboard Bindings to Ride ...
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