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6 Websites with Incredibly Cheap Snowboarding Gear Right Now

Looking for cheap snowboarding gear? Look no further.


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  • If summer has one redeeming quality, it's the fact that there's a ton of cheap snowboarding equipment on the market.

    Think about it. Nobody buys snowboarding gear during the summer, but retailers and manufacturers are trying to offload out the previous year's unsold goods to make room for the new lines, so they practically give the stuff away -- if you know where to find it.

    And I know where to find it.

    A lot of this gear ends up in online stores that specialize in selling discount sporting goods for retailers and manufacturers. I haven't paid full price for gear since I discovered them. In fact, if I pay more than 40% below retail, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

    These are my five favorite websites for cheap snowboarding gear.

    1. Backcountry.com

      Backcountry.com is one of the Internet's biggest discount online retailers for outdoors sports gear (including plenty of cheap snowboarding gear). You can spend hours looking through their enormous stock of outdoor gear, clothing, and toys. To find the best deals go straight to their  snowboarding outlet page.

    2. Department of Goods: Department of Goods sells a wide range of outdoors clothing and gear for as much as 70% off.  Even better, the website allows you to sort the gear by the size of the discount. I usually head for the 60% off gear bin first.

    3. Dog Funk: Dog Funk is smaller than Department of Goods, but it's just for board riders. This website focuses on skate, surf, and snowboard gear. The best deals are on the sale page.

    4. Altrec: Altrec sells all kinds of outdoors gear including snowboarding equipment. At the time of writing, Altrec had models of LTD, Solomon, Lamar, and Santa Cruz snowboards all on sale for more than 50% off. The cheapest items are found in the outlet store.

    5. Sierra Trading Post: Sierra Trading Post also sells a wide variety of sporting equipment. It has some of the best discounts around, although its selection for snowboarders is not as large as some others. Its cheapest deals can be found in the Bargain Barn.

    6. In The Bivvy: In the Bivvy is different from the above stores in that it runs sales (usually around 40-60% off) on items for short periods of time (usually a few days). ITB usually doesn't have a lot of hardware, but is great for finding deals on clothing, outerwear, and accessories.

    Now, you no longer have an excuse for looking bad on the hill. It's time to do some shopping.

    Do you have any tips for finding good deals on gear? Please, let us know in the comments. Our wallets (and spouses) will thank you.

    Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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